Whiskey cocktail trends come and go. However, some of the best whiskey cocktails withstand the test of time and become a favorite beverage among generations. We're confident you'll find your favorite best whiskey cocktail here...

best whiskey cocktails

Whiskey Sour

Crafted primarily with lemon or lime juice paired with simple syrup, the whiskey sour appeals to those who want a tarter taste with their whiskey drinks. The best whiskey sour is a perfect mix of sweet and sour, with a touch of smooth whiskey coming through when you sip the drink. 

Choosing the correct whiskey with a whiskey sour is essential with few ingredients. The best whiskey for a whiskey sour is bourbon whiskey. Add a dash of maple syrup for an even sweeter twist on the traditional whiskey sour.

Whiskey Smash

The history of the Whiskey Smash dates back over 140 years when it first appeared in a bartender's magazine in 1888. A Whiskey Smash features a whiskey, lemon, mint, and sweetener blend. Don't forget to add the crushed ice. The best Whiskey Smash is refreshing and light, making it a refreshing drink on a hot summer afternoon. 

Blend your ingredients and add a fresh mint sprig to bring out the appealing aromas. The Whiskey Smash differs from a whiskey sour because it uses whole lemon wedges rather than lemon juice.

Manhattan Cocktail

The Manhattan cocktail has been around longer than the Whiskey Smash. This cocktail gets its name from its place of origin, The Manhattan Club in New York. The Manhattan cocktail is easy to make, requiring only three ingredients. Combine your favorite rye whiskey, vermouth, and bitters. 

If you prefer, top your cocktail with a maraschino cherry for a fruity garnishment. What you get is a vintage beverage that's warm, spicy, and bitter. Take your Manhattan cocktail to the next level by rubbing an orange peel around the rim of the glass. The orange flavors pair perfectly with the best whiskey Manhattan.

Whiskey Highball

Are you low on ingredients? The whiskey highball only requires two ingredients: your choice of the best whiskey and some club soda. Pour the whiskey and club soda over a glass of ice, and add a lemon wedge if you want. The whiskey highball gets its name from the tall glasses bartenders typically serve it in. This highball glass gives you room to add more ice.

Some individuals top off a whiskey highball with ginger beer or ginger ale for a little extra flavor. While on the exterior, the whiskey highball may seem like a simple beverage, it often includes high-quality whiskey and ice, as well as freshly opened, high-quality club soda.

New York Sour

Not to be confused with the Manhattan, the New York sour also originates from New York. The New York sour includes the best whiskey paired with red wine. It adds a unique twist to the classic whiskey sour by adding an egg white and your favorite red wine. The wine draws out the aromatic qualities of the whiskey for an exceedingly tart flavor.

Cinnamon Maple Whiskey Sour

The perfect balance of whiskey and cinnamon with a cinnamon maple whiskey sour is ideal for chilly nights around the fireplace. To some, the cinnamon maple whiskey sour is the unofficial cocktail of fall and winter. It features a blend of whiskey, maple syrup, cinnamon, and a dash of lemon juice. The aromatic blend of maple syrup and cinnamon alone is enough to warm you up on the coldest nights.

Classic Old-Fashioned

The classic old-fashioned continues to withstand the test of time, dating back to the early 1800s. It's unlikely that you'll ever come across a bartender or restaurant that serves whiskey that can't make you an excellent classic old-fashioned. We can't promise they won't add their unique twist to this drink that traditionally only includes whiskey, simple syrup, Angostura bitters, and an orange peel or Luxardo cherry for garnishment.

Choosing the best whiskey is essential with a classic old-fashioned since this cocktail has so few ingredients. For a fun twist on the traditional classic old-fashioned, swap out whiskey for a fabulous bourbon for a bourbon-based old-fashioned.

Passion Fruit Bourbon Sour

The passion fruit bourbon sour may be your drink if you prefer cocktails with a fruity undertone. This cocktail perfectly blends whiskey, passion fruit syrup, sugar, and pulp for a flavorful, fruit-infused beverage. It also uses egg white to give the cocktail a smooth and creamy texture. The tart flavor perfectly balances the whiskey for a refreshing, satisfying cocktail.

Mint Julep

The mint julep may be the oldest cocktail in U.S. history. The first recorded mention of this classic beverage dates back to 1784. The drink wasn't initially used as a cocktail but as a remedy for a stomachache. 

The mint julep has also become synonymous with the Kentucky Derby, where attendees sip $1,000 cocktails wearing their best attire. Buying a mint julep cocktail at your local bar, or making one at home, won't break the bank, as it's an affordable drink. The mint julep uses bourbon whiskey, simple syrup, Angostura bitters, and mint leaves. The mint tones of the beverage are sweet and cooling, making it a great cocktail to sip on a warm day. The Kentucky Derby hat is optional.

Spiced Bourbon Hot Toddy

After you put the mint julep ingredients away for summer, swap them out for a warming spiced bourbon hot toddy. This beverage includes hot water, whiskey, honey, and lemon. A hot toddy can warm you and, unlike other hot drinks, leaves you feeling light and hydrated. The spiced bourbon hot toddy is best served as a late-night cap, as it does a great job of relaxing and unwinding.

Phenomenal whiskey cocktails can meet a wide range of tastes and flavor preferences. Fruity, spicy, tart, and warm, the best whiskey is capable of doing it all in a cocktail. Once you have a premium whiskey, you can test out all the different concoctions to create the perfect whiskey cocktail and find your go-to drink.

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