Diesel Cigars

Like making exceptional whiskey, making a great cigar takes time and patience to achieve the perfect flavor and aroma. We partnered with Diesel Cigars to create the Whiskey Row Series, one-of-a-kind cigars made from tobacco leaves aged in the same barrels we use to make our award-winning bourbons.

Starting the Series

Diesel Cigar Whiskey Row Cavehill
Originally released in 2018 to a wave of excitement from cigar aficionados, Diesel Whiskey Row Bourbon Barrel Aged Cigars deliver bold flavors produced by aging the binder in Rabbit Hole Cavehill Bourbon barrels. This unlikely collaboration began in 2016 when Master Blender A J Fernandez recieved his first shipment of Rabbit Hole barrels. Through experimentation and diligence, he perfected a process to produce the ideal amount of flavor and aroma into the tobacco. The result is a robust cigar that introduces a new approach to an age-old tradition.

Expanding the Series

Diesel Cigar Whiskey Row Sherry Cask
Owing its rich and indulgent taste to influences of bourbon, American oak and solera-aged sherry, Diesel Whiskey Row Sherry Cask is a cigar with epic depth and sublime flavor. This second release in the series is handcrafted using Nicaraguan-aged tobaccos cultivated on three continents. This exciting cigar calls upon a proprietary process to deepen the complexity of the smoking experience by aging the binder leaves in barrels that originally contained 30-year old Pedro Ximénez Sherry and were then used to produce Rabbit Hole PX Sherry Finished Bourbon.

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