Great things happen when we come together

We are social beings, and we are strongest together. This sentiment can be easy to forget while in the pursuit of our personal adventures. Liddel is a testament to togetherness, bringing two cultures separated by thousands of miles together in one bottle to create a one-of-a-kind spirit. A taste of Kentucky and France existing as one in your glass.

Filtered through Kentucky Limestone

Limestone is the earth’s greatest filtration system. We use it to purify the water used in every whiskey in our line. Vodka is a spirit praised for its cleanliness in appearance, aroma, and palate. Instead of trying to achieve this with excessive distillations, which tends to strip much of the redeeming qualities from the spirit, we import premium French Winter Wheat Vodka and filter it in entirety through Kentucky limestone. This process gives Liddel an unparalleled mouthfeel while showcasing the magic of Kentucky.