Our Bold Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey

This whiskey reveals a character worthy of the title.

Boxergrail celebrates Louisville’s rich boxing heritage.

Louisville has a fighting spirit fueled by the local boxing culture. Gyms sprinkled in neighborhoods across the city take raw local talent and refine it, turning average joes into prizefighting world champions. Boxergrail is a lively, sophisticated Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey that’s inspired by these masters of the ring.

Toasted & Charred Barrels

Developing our super-premium whiskey takes time. We slowly toast our barrels over a wood-fired flame before charring, a process that takes up to 20 minutes per barrel. Toasting coaxes sugars from deep in the fibers of the wood which mingle with the distillate during the aging process, giving our whiskeys unparalleled complexity and flavor.

Our Straight Rye Whiskey.

Boxergrail is a Kentucky Straight Rye in a class of its own. This premium American Whiskey boasts a lavish bouquet of spice and butterscotch. When imbibed, you taste flavors of citrus and black tea, giving this rye a perfect balance of sweet and spice. The depth of flavor found in this rye can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks. However, if you are a fan of classic cocktails, our Boxegrail Old Fashioned is a knockout.

Only two grains in this mash bill

Unlike our other expressions, the mash for Boxergrail only contains two grains: rye and malted barley. Rye takes up a majority of the mash with the malted barley acting as a “flavoring grain” - giving our whiskey a velvety mouthfeel. We brew the mash using our signature cooking process, giving us the most flavorful base possible. We run the mash through our handcrafted, one of a kind Vendome Copper still and proof it with Kentucky’s Limestone abundant water before barreling. We mature Boxergrail in hand-selected American White Oak barrels from Kelvin Cooperage. To ensure all of our love and care in the whiskey-making process shows in the finished product, we forgo chill filtering.

Bold and unexpected.

Crafted with the eye of a prizefighter, Boxergrail is a robust Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey that dances across the palate. The one-two punch of butterscotch and spice this whiskey delivers puts it in a class of its own. So grab a glass and experience why this rye has been heralded as a champion.

Mash Bill




Malted Barley

Tasting Notes


Brown Sugar


Bright Floral Notes


Black Tea flavors
Sweet Spice
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