bourbon chicken

National Bourbon Day Exclusive: BBQ Bourbon Chicken

BBQ Bourbon chicken is perhaps the best dish to celebrate National bourbon Day 2022! This dish originally gets it's name from Bourbon Street in New Orleans, which was named after the house of bourbon - and is interconnected to the early bourbon trade and distribution among colonists under British rule. Spicy, savory, delicious.

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The Best Baked Bourbon Chicken Recipe

Sometimes you have a craving for salty, spicy, fried and bourbon. This dish combines them all and is a dinner that will quickly become a permanent one in your weekly rotation. Plus, you can sip on the most important ingredient while cooking! Bourbon chicken can be made stovetop or in the oven. This is a quick and amazingly delicious oven baked recipe for bourbon chicken. It truly is the best baked bourbon chicken recipe. 

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Best Simple Bourbon Chicken

Sweet, sticky and spicy! This bourbon chicken recipe is simple to prepare, yet it's flavor is complex. It brings together a deep and rich bourbon flavor with familiar Asian-inspired seasoning. Bourbon chicken is served at many malls and restaurant chains, however - most use artificial additives and preservatives. In fact, many "bourbon chicken" recipes do not actually contain any bourbon at all. If you are looking for authentic bourbon chicken with real bourbon flavoring - then this is your recipe. Bourbon chicken is satisfying, easy to prepare and reheats well. Bourbon chicken is great for quick dinners as well as lunches. Bourbon chicken can be made in the oven, or simmered on the stovetop like this recipe.

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